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Roof Inspection

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Roof Inspection Hesperia


Roof Inspection Hesperia

Quality and Affordable Roof Inspection Hesperia

 Homes in Hesperia can suffer from roof damage as a result of the wear and tear from the heat and wind. Before you purchase any home you should consult Hoffman’s Roofing so we can perform a complete check of your new perspective home before you invest. It can be difficult for a homeowner to judge whether the roof that the could be purchasing is in good condition or will need repairs in just few short years.

The experts at Hoffsman’s Roofing will perform a complete visual inspection of your roof and its roofing system looking for any possible signs of unseen damage. If your roof has even the tiniest of holes chances are that over time moisture and mold will eat your roof from the inside out. Our staff will perform a thorough inspection which involves inspecting your roof for any structural or material weakness and the current flashing condition as well. If your roof has the benefit of drains, gutters, downspouts or vents we will also inspect them as well. We take a good amount of photos that we include in your written report that gives you a complete insite into the status of your roof.

We have performed roof inspections Hesperia for both residential and commercial customers. Our reports have been used for real estate transaction purposes as well as insurance purposes. Hoffman’s Roofing looks forward to helping you with any of your roof inspection Hesperia needs.




Roof Inspection hesperia

Roof Inspection VS Home Inspection – Roof Inspection Hesperia


Many folks look to have a home inspection performed by a certified home inspector before they purchase a home which is a great start however, many home inspectors do not have the proper knowledge or training to give you a certified inspection of a roof. If you are a serious buyer who wants to protect their investment you will need to know the exact condition of the roofing system. You should leave nothing to chance when investing in your family’s future.

Hesperia structures have specific roofing styles that require inspection by someone familiar with all of the subtle nuances of the Hesperia roofing community. Our first steps are conducting an inspection of the roof looking for water intrusion or leak detection. After we have examined the roof from the inside we perform an exterior inspection to evaluate the condition of the roof. We also will search for disrepair or previous repairs that were conducted in a ill manner. We will test the complete exterior for durability and overall strength.

We will also check drains, caps and ridges for efficiency and blockages which can lead to overflow and damage of the roof. If for any reason during the inspection we discover any significant issues we can typically handle the repairs for you in a short amount of time that will not interrupt the escrow process. One of the most overlooked areas of your roof is general maintenance many of the problems that we run into during a roof inspection Hesperia could have easily been avoided if the customer had a regular roof maintenance process.

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